Health & Safety

Preparing For Your Pets’ Visit

Required Vaccinations

For the health and safety of the guests, all dogs must be current with their vaccinations. We only accept vaccines administered by a veterinarian. (You may email vaccine records to

We need to verify these vaccines:


    • Rabies
    • Distemper (DHLPP)
    • Bordetella (Kennel Cough)


  • Rabies

We are endorsed and recommended by the veterinarians of the Napa Valley.

Flea Control

We strive to keep our facility flea free. All guests are requested to wear Advantage, Frontline or comparable products for flea control. If we find fleas on your dog we will administer treatment for an additional fee.

First Timers

We know you adore your pets and want them to have a pleasant stay away from home. Our goal is to have all our guests enjoy their stay at Bonny Doone Kennel, to maintain a safe environment for all pets and humans alike, and for you to be able to relax knowing your pet is being well-cared for.

If your pet has never stayed with us before, please call us and we’ll talk about whether a preview is necessary prior to booking.

Geriatric and Special Medical Needs

Geriatric dogs and dogs with special medical needs may cost extra depending on their condition. Additional fees are determined on a case by case basis. Oral medications, (administered no more than two times daily) are included in the regular fee. Ear and eye medications are administered for an extra fee.

Unspayed and  Unneutered Dogs

Unspayed females in heat are not accepted  at Bonny Doone Kennel. Their prescence is very disrupting to all the male guests. If a female comes into heat during her stay she will need to move to one of the remote rooms at an additional charge. Unneutered males can display aggressive or assertive behavior that is offensive to other guests. So for the safety and well being of the guests at our kennel, large intact males must have a daycare or overnight stay with us before a vacation be reserved. This allows us to observe and evaluate each individual’s behavior and his interaction toward other dogs. Please call us for more information.

We do not board aggressive dogs

We reserve the right to not board dogs we determine could be a detriment to other kennel guests or may be a danger to our staff.

There are several factors we take into consideration before booking certain dogs. Unfortunately, we no longer take bully breeds and other breeds who are known to be aggressive (e.g., Pittbulls, Shar Peis, Mastiffs, fighting breeds).

Certain behaviors such as aggression, non-stop barking (especially at night), and high anxiety, create an atmosphere detrimental to all guests and employees. Not all these behaviors are apparent at first, so at our discretion, we may request a day care or even an overnight stay before a vacation stay can be booked. Many dogs behave quite differently after the owner leaves. That’s where the term “separation anxiety” comes from.

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