Amenities for your Dog


At Bonny Doone Kennel we specialize in a custom feeding program. We provide hygienic stainless steel food bowls and our water buckets are always filled with fresh water from our Carneros ozone filtered well.

If your dog’s digestive system is sensitive we recommend you bring your own food. We are happy to follow your instructions. Please remember we do not feed any raw food, bones, rawhide, greenies or any other choking hazard. If this is inconvenient we have a large selection of premium brands of dry food along with many flavors of canned that we offer at no additional charge.

We also provide cookies, kongs, and nylabones for hours of enjoyment at no charge. The owner, Rhonda, especially enjoys checking on your dog at night, and giving each guest a bedtime cookie!


There is no additional charge for simple oral medications given at the regular feeding schedule.

  • Medications given outside of normal feeding schedule: $10 per application
  • Any eye or ear medication: $10 per application


Bedding and Toys

In our climate controlled kennel we provide rubber mats and plenty of warm blankets for your dog’s comfort. Due to covid-19 we can no longer allow bedding or toys from home to be brought in. For your dog’s chewing pleasure we have kongs and nylabones that are disinfected after each use.

Additional Amenities

In addition to the pampering and exercise provided, Bonny Doone Kennel offers, for an additional fee, the following services:

Cuddle Time

We are happy to spend individual time with your dog. We have lots of love to share!

Field Play

Do you have a dog overflowing with extra energy? How about an invigorating romp in the vineyard view meadow. Frisbees, tunnels and balls await!

Fountain Fun

Finn 'Gets' the Water!

Finn ‘Gets’ the Water!

A great place to play on a hot day!

Playtime Partners

Does your pup need a playmate? The owner has six dogs available for playtime partners and they are happy to oblige by spending time doing what dogs do, sniff, lick, sniff, etc!


Stressful time for your loyal companion? Treat your dog to a relaxing massage.

Dental Care

Do you usually try to keep the doggy breath away? We can continue your dog’s personal oral hygiene routine.Discount if you bring his or her own toothbrush and toothpaste.


1003 Los Carneros Avenue
Napa, CA 94559
Phone: (707) 226-1200