For Dogs

Bonny Doone Kennel offers a variety of suites to allow for maximum flexibility to accommodate your dog(s). Indoor/Outdoor suites are available year round. Outdoor suites are available during mild weather.

Cement Floors are present in all suites (inside and outside) to allow for fast and easy sanitizing and clean up after accidents – ensuring the health and safety of your pet. We have rubber mats on the concrete and on top of that we lay blankets. We believe your pets’ safety and health are the most important aspects to your stay with us.

Main Building Guest SuiteIndoor/Outdoor Suites

The 20 Indoor/Outdoor Suites are heated and air-cooled. Each suite is separated with solid walls on the interior and are solid and fenced outdoors. These Suites have their own attached outdoor porch. Individual rooms provide privacy and protection from cross-contamination and possible contact injuries from neighboring dogs. These suites are available year round.

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Bonny Doone Kennel Patio SuiteVineyard Patio Suites

The 8 Vineyard Patio Suites are quite spacious and include dog houses and views of the vineyards. These suites are used for overnight care when the weather is mild.





Exercise RunExercise Yards

4 times a day, the dogs are turned out in one of 7 separate play yards. They are 100 feet long and placed side by side so there is ample room to run. The dogs are able to socially interact but there is no chance of a fight. The runs are lined with pea gravel that is easy to clean and sanitize.




Kennel Security

Double doors and double gates at all entrances.

• 6′ high fenced security corridors as well as surrounding all of the outside portions of the Suites.
• 6′ high fenced-in dog exercise yards.


Site Visit

Due to covid-19, we no longer can have in-person kennel tours.


For Cats

Bonny DooneThe cats enjoy a calm, quiet room with a view of the garden and bird feeders. Our kitty condos are really spacious. 4’high, 3’deep and 5’ wide. There are separate areas for the litter box, food and water, a semi-enclosed hiding area and multi-level perches for napping and lounging. The cat building is separate from the dog kennels to minimize stress for your kitty.



Individual condos are thoroughlyBonny Doone Kennel cleaned and disinfected between cats to minimize potential illness.

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