Amenities for Your Cat

For the peace and tranquility of our guests, the cats are housed in their own building separate from the dogs.


At Bonny Doone Kennel we specialize in a custom feeding program. We provide hygienic stainless steel food bowls and our water bowls are always filled with fresh water from our Carneros ozone filtered well.

If your cat’s digestive system is sensitive we recommend you bring your own food. We are happy to follow your instructions. Please remember we do not feed any raw food. If you prefer, we have a selection of premium brands of dry food that we offer at no additional charge.

We also provide treats for your kitty’s enjoyment at no charge.

Kitty Comfort

Cats are housed in a separate climate controlled building, apart from the dogs. The kitty condos are large with several perches for lounging and napping. We provide lots of comfy blankets and cuddle cups to curl up in. The condos have a window view of hanging bird feeders! Due to covid-19 we no longer allow toys or bedding to be brought from home.

Kitty cuddling at Bonnie DoonePetting and Cuddling

Our standard procedure for litter box cleaning is to have one lady hold and cuddle while the second changes the litter box.

Additional Amenities

In addition to the pampering provided, Bonny Doone Kennel offers the following service(s):

Gray TabbyCatnip Toys

A catnip toy to provide hours of entertainment for your kitty.


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